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An illustration of a businessperson meditating in a suit before an interview.
Mastering the Interview Mindset
Blog, Candidate Interest
A look at how to approach interviews with confidence.
Illustration of an exasperated office worker
Is Your IT Project Team Falling Apart? Here's How to Fix It.
Blog, Client Interest
How to manage team turnover and keep your IT project on track.
AI generated art of business professionals at a networking event.
Why Networking is Your Secret IT Career Weapon
Blog, Candidate Interest
This post equips you with the tools to conquer IT networking and build a successful career.
An image of the loch ness monster in a lake
The Myths vs. Reality in IT Staffing
Blog, Client Interest
Debunking the myths about IT staffing and revealing how it can streamline a businesses hiring process.
A robot sitting a desk in an office with office workers in the background.
AI in the Workplace
Blog, Candidate Interest
A look at how office workers can use AI at work.
PSCI's logo that reads PSCI, IT Staffing and Placement
IT Staffing Explained: Your Guide to a Streamlined Hiring Process With PSCI
Blog, Client Interest
Discover how PSCI simplifies your hiring process and helps you find the perfect IT professionals to drive your business success.
Seal that says certified
Data Certifications for All Levels
Blog, Candidate Interest
A guide to varying levels of data analysis certificates.
An image of an umbrella protecting a dollar sign in a rain storm
Why Your Business Needs Cybersecurity Insurance
Blog, Client Interest
A detailed look at cybersecurity insurance and the essential reasons for its necessity for all businesses.
One red egg amidst a bunch of white ones.
The Art of Job Search Visibility
Blog, Candidate Interest
How to stand out as an IT consultant when searching for a new job.
small smiling snowman with a snowy backdrop
Navigating the Holidays as an IT Pro
Blog, Candidate Interest
A guide for IT professionals on how to navigate the holidays in a productive way.
Career Success
Hard Skills vs Soft Skills: A Complete Guide to Identifying and Developing Both for Career Success
Blog, Candidate Interest
Master the key differences between hard skill and soft skills and stand out to employers.
Job Interview
9 Good Example Weaknesses to Use in a Job Interview
Blog, Candidate Interest, The Interview
Learn how to answer the "what is your greatest weakness" interview question.
a plate with a napkin and tag on it that reads thankful
Reflections and Gratitude: Celebrating PSCI’s 30th Year in Business
Blog, Client Interest
Reflections and expressions of gratitude for the past year, our 30th year in business.
Skills to Put on a Resume
Skills To Put On A Resume | Best Skills to Include and Master the Art of Skillful Resume Building
Blog, Candidate Interest
Explore the art of skillful resume building and how to craft one that stands out.
A tool kit in front of and being displayed on a computer monitor meant to signify IT tools
Top 10 In-Demand Skills for 2024
Blog, Candidate Interest
Discover the must-have IT skills for 2024! Stay competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
Computer image of the word security
Navigating the Aftermath of a Cyberattack
Blog, Client Interest
The stages of a cyberattack, from breach to recovery.
An animated computer screen displaying a lock with chains around it
Top Cybersecurity Certifications
Blog, Candidate Interest
A top 10 list of the most sought-after cybersecurity certifications by employers in 2023.
A balloon in the shape of a dollar sign, floating, and being blown up by an air pump
Understanding IT Salary Trends
Blog, Client Interest
Discover the driving forces behind the continuous rise in IT salaries in 2023 and beyond.
A woman sleeping at her desk. An image meant to depict procrastination.
Overcoming Procrastination: Tips to Get Motivated and Get Things Done
Blog, Candidate Interest
Effective strategies to overcome procrastination and boost motivation.
An image of a Mac computer with a scheduling software displaying on the screen
Team Collaboration Tools to Boost Productivity
Blog, Client Interest
Discover top-tier team collaboration tools to elevate productivity in an era of hybrid and remote work.